Make Your

Golf Fundraiser

a National Event

Splashie enables all 500 million rounds

of golf played annually in the U.S. to be used for fundraising and competition by removing the barriers to participation in golf tournaments.


New patented golf system


Enter a golf tournament and compete from any

golf course without a handicap. Splashie removes

all barriers to golf tournament participation.


It’s easy to use and a much more accurate measure
of your performance. Your Splashie score is like
a QB rating system for golfers – a whole new way
to score golf.

Supporters or campaign may supply tournament prizes for winners (four flights for all skill levels)

Golf fundraisers who use Splashie

raise more...faster!

(Example of Potential $ Raised)


Any golfer may participate in your golf fundraiser from anywhere in the United States.





Enter Golf Fundraiser

via Splashie




(Doesn’t Include Green Fees)



Golfers in U.S.



Raised in one golf tournament

(Less Splashie fee)


(Void in AZ, CO, IA, LA, MD, ND)

The only way to create, manage and participate

in national golf tournament fundraisers


Quick  •  Fun  •  National  •  Patented


Online Presence


We provide and host your own
dedicated tournament web page.

Create Your


The Splashie app is always ready for

you to create your national tournament in just a few easy steps.


Tournament Awareness


Splashie provides your candidate with the tools to improve outreach  and generate excitement and results.

Ready to tee off with Splashie?

Create a

Fundraising Tournament

in Seconds


Play any 18 hole

U.S. Golf Courses


Play where you want

No Set

Date Required


Play when you want


#1 Moneymakers



tournament participation




Connect, meet, compete

with LinkedIn members

Always Sunny


Play anytime

Raise more Funds


25 Million U.S. Golfers


Web Page


Create your semi-custom

tournament page that represents

your event


App Page


Securely collect donations directly

through your national tournament

from anywhere via Splashie's app
on your iPhone

Splashie patented system = Fundraising Triumph!

Splashie is an exceptional fundraising app.  Splashie has combined

all the key features you need to quickly and effortlessly launch your candidate’s

national tournament, reaching both your network and our network of golfers.

Your Splashie tournament

Use the Splashie iOS app to create your tournament and
email your supporters the instructions on how to enter.


Offer fun prizes for the winners of each of four skill-level flights. Multiple flights offer
 any golfer an opportunity to win, even if you aren’t great! No handicap required.


Contributions are collected using PayPal.

To set up your Splashie national golf fundraising tournament,

follow the instructions below or contact our staff who will

personally walk you through this revolutionary concept*.


Take your fundraising to a new level.


Contact us now!



*Void in AZ, CO, IA, LA, MD, ND

Steps to Create a Tournament

It takes only 60 seconds to create a national golf tournament

Step 1 - Download Splashie iOS app

Step 2 - Tap Create Tournament


Fill in the information in the boxes

and tap save.


You will want to determine ahead of time:


- Date range

- Determine prizes you want to give to the

  top golfer in each flight in your tournament


Step 3 - Dedicated Fundraising

                Tournament Web Page


Email the assets to create your web page to:



Photo of candidate, school or charity, prize information and any other information for

your tournament fundraising web page.

Step 4 - Email Your Constituents,

                Alumni, and Supporters


Share the link to your dedicated

fundraising tournament web page


Use a subject such as:

Golf For “*Candidate Name” or “Golf for USC!”


Your  landing page will have

instructions on how to enter.


All funds will be collected by PayPal via a

PayPal account or a major credit card.

Take your campaign fundraising to a new level


To set up your Splashie national golf fundraising tournament,  contact our staff

who will personally walk you through this revolutionary concept.

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